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Keepher Gloves: The first in female goalkeeping

Surprise! The female hand is not built like the male’s hand. And now there is a female soccer goalie glove built specifically for the female hand. We have fine-tuned these gloves to fit… well, like a glove—for women!

Soccer (or Futball, as it’s known in other countries) is the biggest sport in the world. In the United States millions of kids play soccer. According to FIFA and USSF statistics over half are girls. Those girls grow up and continue to play in junior high, high school, college and beyond. All of those women’s soccer teams need goalkeepers and those women goalkeepers need gloves. When looking for gloves, these women keepers have had to buy men’s goalkeeper gloves.

Until now. keepher is the first goalkeeper glove designed for women. Check out the features, the gloves, and read our story.

We are excited to help women goalkeepers be the best they can be!

Adira match glove with giga grip, neopren construction, and wrap around wrist strap

How the female hand is different

The female hand differs from the male hand in four distinct ways. Therefore, we have made changes in the glove to meet the distinct needs of the female hand so we can provide women goalkeepers with the type of glove they have earned.


Typically a male hand is wider than a female hand. Keepher has adjusted the width in some of its’ models to fit snugger on the hand so that the glove is not so big and bulky.

Pointer and ring finger:

Female hands have pointer and ring fingers that are closer in length than a man’s pointer and ring finger; Therefore it is important to have gloves that reflect this difference and provide female goalkeepers with proper finger sizing.


A female’s thumb is typically longer than a man’s thumb. So giving you a little extra length in this area helps insure that your thumb isn’t busting out of the top of the glove.

Pinky finger:

This finger is often shorter than a man’s little finger. By shortening the length of this finger you are insured that there will be vital touch on the ball by this small but important finger.