Women’s Goalkeeper Gloves

//Women’s Goalkeeper Gloves

Women’s Goalkeeper Gloves

Keepher is the first and only goalkeeper glove company dedicated completely to women’s goalkeeper gloves.  Goalkeeper gloves have been around for well over 50 years. However, gloves have always been designed to fit properly on a man’s hand. This has now changed because keepher takes seriously the need for women’s goalkeeper gloves.

Why women’s goalkeeper gloves?

Your hand is different than a man’s hand. In fact there are four anatomical ways that a women’s hand is different than a man’s.

The first and most important difference is that a women’s hand is narrower than a man’s hand. The other differences are in the thumb length, pinky finger length and finger length ratio. For a more detailed description visit this site.

By ignoring these issues you are stuck with a glove that under performs. Your glove won’t fit correctly on your hand. They could twist when making a save or compromise your ability to save shots.

We don’t want you to compromise at all when it comes to goalkeeping.

What to expect in your keepher gloves? Women's goalkeeper gloves

Expect our gloves to fit great. Yes this is a bit subjective but gloves should feel good on your hands. It’s kind of like putting on a good pair of soccer boots. You can tell they fit well.  Keepher gloves will have that same kind of fit. There should be no twisting, extra bulk or oversizing in the finger length.

Expect great performance. Top quality latex palms provide you with the grip need to for shot stopping. Removable finger saves allows you the choice of protection or extra flexibility. Various kinds of wrist closures give you options for securing gloves on your hands.

Expect great service. If you are not happy with one of our models you can exchange it (see our exchange policy for details). Each model has slight differences so find one that is right for you

Finally, what we do here at keepher is unique. Every step from design to shipping focuses only on women’s goalkeeper gloves.

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Owner and founder of keepher soccer. The first goalkeeper glove company that makes only female goalkeeper gloves.

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