Pregame goalkeeper routines – why they’re needed.

//Pregame goalkeeper routines – why they’re needed.

Pregame goalkeeper routines – why they’re needed.

Pregame goalkeeper rituals and routines are important for teams and players. These rituals and routines can be complex or quite simple. Let’s take a look at WHY you need a pregame routine and WHAT it will help you accomplish.

Why you need a pregame routine:

  1. Calming. By having a routine you take many unknowns out of the equation. Unknowns equate to stress. A little stress can be a good thing; however, too much stress will hinder your performance. A routine helps to calm you prior to matches and will thereby allow you to play better.
  2. Focus. You are free to focus on aspects of your play that need attention. When not having to worry about what activities to warm up with or where your gloves are you can focus on technique and tactics.

What are some simple ideas for pregame goalkeeper routines:

  1. Have a set of warm-up activities that you do every time. This allows you to cover all the areas that you want to
  2. Wear the same thing the day of the game. This does not give you good luck or create some kind of magic ability to save. What it does do is give you a rhythm to game day. Anything that creates a good rhythm will help us perform well on a consistent basis.
  3. Eat the same meal or snack a couple hours ahead. You may need to experiment a little with this; yet, once you find what works it will insure you are fueled up and ready to play.


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