Tell us what palm latex colors you like

//Tell us what palm latex colors you like

Tell us what palm latex colors you like

Goalkeepers have always been easily distinguished because of their distinct jersey color. It is the easiest way to identify the person on the field who has special rules.

However, the part of the body that the special rules are designed for had no distinguishing marks on it. In fact for most of the history of soccer goalkeepers simply played without gloves.

Once gloves started coming onto the scene they slowly became more colorful at least the backhand of the glove. Now we’ve reached a point where the backhand of the goalkeeper gloves is not the only place where color can be seen. In recent years gloves have become colorful on the palm. There is now a wide range of palm latex colors that are available on goalkeeper gloves.

palm latex colors


No longer does white latex have to be the only option. Black, yellow, blue, red and green have all been colors recently put on the palms of gloves. In the last few years multi colors on gloves is even coming into fashion.

What is your opinion on goalkeeper glove palm color? Do you like tradition white, a specific color, or even a combination of colors? Send us an email or post a response, we would love to hear from you.

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