New Goalkeeper Gloves

//New Goalkeeper Gloves

New Goalkeeper Gloves

New goalkeeper gloves is an exciting day for any goalkeeper.  Playing in gloves for weeks and months they really start to wear out.  The saves we make take their toll on the gloves we depend on. Our precious gloves get dirty, stinky, and ripped up.

Gloves are not designed to last forever. Good quality gloves are not even likely to last you an entire season. The higher the quality of the glove the shorter it’s life span.

This is obviously frustrating. High quality gloves have soft palm latex. Soft palm latex is tacky but it also wears out quickly.

Washing your gloves can help minimize the wear. This why proper glove care is important.

When you properly take care of your gloves they will serve you well. They will remain tacky and not get stinky as fast. Proper washing will also get dirt particles out of the palm. Dirt in the palm is one of the main causes of palms wearing out.

Even if you diligently take care of your gloves their life will still come to an end.

There is only one solution to this problem. Buy yourself a new pair of gloves!

New goalkeeper gloves

Goalkeeper gloves together with their happy owners. Send us your photo.

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