Women’s Soccer Websites

Tracking down news and information on women’s soccer can be a bit difficult. Here is a list of  websites that are worth looking at. Click on the name to be directed over to their site. Women's soccer websites Soccer Girl Gear: What really made this site unique is their Professional Careers off the Pitch page. [...]

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Signs and symptoms of overtraining

There is a lot of pressure at all levels to excell in sports.  This pressure can lead athletes  to overtrain which can hinder or damage your long term athletic developement.  Because of this it is a good idea to be aware of these signs and syptoms of overtraining. 7 Signs and symptoms of overtraining Abusing [...]

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Low ball saves

Low ball saves are a common aspect of goalkeeping. They often don't draw the attention that saving a ball from the upper 90 does. Yet making the low ball save is equally important and equally challenging. When making these saves here are some of the decisions that must be made: Low Ball Saves Pace of [...]

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Australian W-League

The Australian W-League has recently started. This is the women's pro league in the land down under. It has top players for Australia as well as player on loan from around the world. Perth Glory We are excited to sponsor two goalkeepers on Perth Glory.  Both Mellisa Maizels (shown above) and Gabriella Dal [...]

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New Goalkeeper Gloves

New goalkeeper gloves is an exciting day for any goalkeeper.  Playing in gloves for weeks and months they really start to wear out.  The saves we make take their toll on the gloves we depend on. Our precious gloves get dirty, stinky, and ripped up. Gloves are not designed to last forever. Good quality gloves are [...]

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Women’s Goalkeeper Gloves

Keepher is the first and only goalkeeper glove company dedicated completely to women's goalkeeper gloves.  Goalkeeper gloves have been around for well over 50 years. However, gloves have always been designed to fit properly on a man’s hand. This has now changed because keepher takes seriously the need for women's goalkeeper gloves. Why women's goalkeeper [...]

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Watching goalkeepers in the W-League

The W-League, Australia’s women’s professional soccer, will be having its’ two semi-final games this first weekend in February.  The season is compact, starting in November and then quickly moving to the final in February. This women’s league represents one out of about 20 women’s professional soccer leagues throughout the world.  Most of the leagues are [...]

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Tell us what palm latex colors you like

Goalkeepers have always been easily distinguished because of their distinct jersey color. It is the easiest way to identify the person on the field who has special rules. However, the part of the body that the special rules are designed for had no distinguishing marks on it. In fact for most of the history of [...]

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Winter goalkeeper motivation

It’s January and for many of us we are in the middle of winter.  The days are shorter, the evening darkness is longer, and the weather is worse. This often makes it difficult to train. When we are able to train goalkeepers often spend a lot of time standing in the goal mouth trying to [...]

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